5 SnapChats You Always Send

If you don’t send these snaps multiple times within a week are you even really SnapChatting? No, because these are the most common snaps sent. Embracing your struggles, accomplishments, and nightmares you encounter every single day.

It’s easier to get a good laugh with a quick snap pic instead of trying to explain it when you finally see your friends.

SnapChat makes it way too easy to send five-second pictures of everything, so you end up snapping more than you’re willing to admit.

1. I’m Bored:

This one usually entails a puppy dog face, with or without the filter. There comes the point in the day where you’re zoning out of the world and into your phone mindlessly scrolling, so you decide to take a pic of how pathetic you look.

You caption it, “I’m bored” in high hopes that someone will say something to give you strength to finish the rest of your day.

2. Food:

It doesn’t matter if the picture looks appetizing, you want to let your friends know that you’re about to stuff your face. Sometimes it’s a snap of the home cooked meal you slaved over in the kitchen by microwaving leftovers, but hey, you made the effort!

The majority of the time it’s the big burrito with guacamole and side of chips and salsa you’re snapping, announcing your soon to be food coma.

3. Gyming:

You want to capture the rare siting of you doing some physical activity, that involves exiting Netflix and leaving your bed. Whether you get your ass to the gym or take a quick walk to the mailbox you’re extremely proud of your minimal accomplishment and need to brag.

4. Filter Face:

When you’re trying out all the absurd filters to get a good laugh and to contemplate if you will look like that in fifteen years. One of the most entertaining options by far because there are new ones daily, making you question if you are as photogenic as you once thought.

You only send the disturbing pictures to your BFF’s because they don’t judge you, only send a similar hideous picture of themselves right back. Be careful who you send it to because it can easily be screenshotted and used for blackmail in the future.

Every once in awhile the filters are flattering, and you end up taking the best photo you’ve seen in years encompassing a glowing flower crown on your head.

5. Creeping Status:

You see someone that you either hooked up with, hate or completely embarrassing themselves, so you obviously have to zoom in and take a quick snap. Before you send it to all of your BFF’s you humor yourself by drawing devil ears or anything else to make the picture funnier.

My favorite is pretending you’re taking a selfie when you’re snapping a pic of someone with the most unattractive filter on to save and get a good laugh at it later.

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